Fall Sports Updates

Fall Sports Updates

Congratulations to the cross-country team for a fine regular season. The girls’ team finished third in Class AAA, while the boys’ team came in fourth in Class AAA.

This team was combined with Dingman’s and had Celia Wardell and Mason Young representing our Delaware Valley Middle School. Both runners improved greatly during the course of the season. (Celia knocked a minute off her time, and Mason lowered his time by three minutes.) At the end of the season, Celia had collected five skulls, and Mason had twenty-two

In addition to a great cross-country season, the DVMS football team went undefeated this year. The girls’ volleyball team had great performances from Paris Machado, Amanda Aragona, and Camryn Yakupcin.

The DVMS Boys’ soccer team finished the season with a 1-0 win against Honesdale. The offensive was led by Sean Grenada, Cameron Stark, and Shane Kirk. Joseph Mangiaracina and Nathaniel Carso anchored the defense. The team scored 19 goals overall and showed great improvement over the course of the season. Sean Grenada was the leading scorer of the team with 6 goals, and Christian Sell led the team in assists. Joseph Mangiaracina led the team in goalkeeper saves, including multiple shutout games. The team had a great season, and we look forward to next year with a large 7th-grade class!

  • Offensive MVP was Sean Grenada
  • Defensive MVP was Joseph Mangiaracina
  • Warrior Award (Most Improved Player) was Jack Davis