Marching Band

Marching Band

Mr. Bullock

Connor – Where did you go to college?

Mr. Bullock – Marywood University

Connor – What inspired you to become a music director?

Mr. Bullock – I was involved with music since I was little and my whole family was involved with music, and I loved doing music through school. 

Connor – What classes did you take in college?

Mr. Bullock – I took regular education classes, music theory, music history; I also had to learn how to play all instruments. 

Connor – What is marching band?

Mr. Bullock – Marching band consists of all instruments, also a color guard. It really is just a band that marches. 

Connor – What do you do for the marching band?

Mr. Bullock – I have to organize everything. I have to write the music in winter, which is when the band starts to look it over. I start writing the drills (which is the marching part) over the summer, which usually takes about a week. Also, I have to write all the body movements or “beyond the marching.” It takes about a day to write. I have to work with the other instructors to ensure everything is working for them in the show. I have to order everything throughout the year and have to deal with repairs as well. 

Connor – What other activities do you run?

Mr. Bullock – I run indoor winds, which is when the marching band looks over the music. 

Connor – What activities did you do in school?

Mr. Bullock-I was involved with football, baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, and the throwing aspect of track and field. 

Connor – Anything else you would like to share?

Mr. Bullock – “I am excited that this year is sort of back to normal, and the band sounds great already.”