Watch and Roll

Watch and Roll

What is your club about?

In the Watch and Roll club, epic students make epic content. It’s about sharing all of the awesome things happening at DVMS and about giving students opportunities to be productive and creative. 

What do you do in your club?

We cover all parts of any type of content-generating media platform. We brainstorm potential content, write scripts, rehearse, perform, record, edit, and share our ideas and other school-related content.  

When does it start? 

We are looking to begin in early November. The beginning of the year is hectic for students and teachers alike. Watch and Roll typically needs a little time  the beginning of the year to settle in before we start. 

When do you meet?

We have set up a flexible meeting schedule in the past that has included both virtual and in-person meetings. We plan to be flexible again this year but haven’t made a schedule yet. 


Please see Mr. Mady in room F5 for more information or any questions!