Jazz Band

Jazz Band

What is Jazz Band: Interview with Mrs.Reece

Connor: What is Jazz Band?

Mrs.Reece: Jazz band is for students who are interested in learning more about Jazz and improvisation. It is open to anyone who plays an instrument or sings, even if they are not in band, chorus, or orchestra.

Connor: When does the band meet?

Mrs.Reece: Jazz band meets two times per month on a rotating schedule during 5th, 6th or 7th period.

Connor: How is it different from different kinds of bands?

Mrs.Reece: Jazz bands are different from other bands because of the music we play. We focus on Jazz, Rock, Funk, and styles that many people think are more fun. Also, there is more opportunity to solo in a Jazz band, whether it is a written solo or one that you improvise.

Connor: Why do you enjoy teaching jazz band?

Mrs.Reece: I love teaching Jazz band because it is different. My focus is to teach students how to improvise and to play more than the notes they see on the page. When musicians take the music and make it their own, great things occur. Also, it is different every time.

Connor: When is the first concert?

Mrs.Reece: I am hoping that our first concert will be on Friday, December 10 at the High School Jazz Ensemble winter concert, but if we are not ready for that, our first concert may be in the Spring.