Why Social Studies?


  In this edition, I interviewed all of the social studies teachers in the Delaware Valley Middle School. I asked them three questions:

  • Where did they go to school?
  • Why did they pick Social Studies?
  • Why DV?

The first teacher I interviewed was Mr. Penberthy. “I went to Wilkes University. I picked Social Studies because I was always interested in history. I really enjoyed one of the DV teachers Mr. Gelderman. I. picked DV because a substitute position opened up, and I got a job at one of the best districts.”  

The second teacher I interviewed was Mr. Morley. “I went to the University of Marywood in Scranton, Pa. By the time I graduated, I thought of picking Social Studies because I enjoyed it. I believe that Social Studies is something that everyone can learn. I picked DV because I went to DV. I loved it when I was a student. The area had a good reputation. It is nice to work to give back. I had teachers who were awesome to me when I was a student.”

The third teacher I interviewed was Mrs. Addio. “I went to school at Eastern New Mexico University and finished at East Stroudsburg. I was an elementary school teacher. I taught Kindergarten for 18 years. I needed a change. I also love history. I graduated from DV. I applied at DV, and it was the only job I applied for. It is one of the best, and I am proud to get a job here.”

The last teacher I interviewed was Mr. Sweeney. “I went to East Stroudsburg University. I am a big fan of American history, and I enjoy the characters. I picked DV because it was my home school, and I graduated from here.”