Winter Holidays


What is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that starts on the 28th of November and ends on the 6th of December. It celebrates the successful revolt against the Seleucid Monarchy. In the revolt, a group called the Maccabees fought for religious and political freedom. After they fought, they gained back their ideals. Today, they also celebrate the commemoration of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. A part of celebrating this holiday, people light a candle for each one of the eight days of Hanukkah, which is held in something called a menorah. This represents oil-burning over the course of 8 days. The middle candle being lit is entitled the “servator” because it lights all of the other candles. Some traditions of Hanukkah include playing a game called Dreidel and giving gifts.

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is a traditional African-American holiday. It is the celebration of their ancestry and their loved ones. Another point of Kwanzaa is to allow people to reconnect with their roots. It is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. Like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa also utilizes candles for celebrations of this holiday. There are three different colors of the candles, red, green, and black. The red color represents blood, and the fights fought in their culture, the green candle represents the hope and possibility that the Earth holds, and the black candle represents the African-American people. Like Hanukkah, there is the lighting of a candle daily. A tradition celebrated during Kwanzaa is listening to cultural music and eating cultural food.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a Christan holiday on the 25th of December each year. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. This originated way back in 336 AD, the night Jesus was born. This is a day that families celebrate together. Some popular traditions in the Christmas season include decorating your house with Christmas lights, putting up a Christmas tree, and making cookies. Many Christians also go to church on this day, or Christmas Eve, as a form of celebration. Also, many people exchange gifts on Christmas morning as a tradition.