Marywood Concert


The Marywood Band Celebration was a two-day event. Students would sign up if they were willing to put in the work. Mr. Bullock our school band director would send the names of the students and what instrument they play and the committee would take the selection they wanted. If they were selected they would go on the date of tryouts and get put into a select band where they practiced for a concert the very next day. This year the tryouts and practicing were on December 3rd. The next day, the selected musicians would go at 8 am to Marywood to practice all day until lunch and then have dinner and the concert at 7 pm. 


Here are the names and instruments that got selected in our middle school.

  • Connor Giblin- Baritone Saxophone
  • Angelica Barcia- Oboe
  • Grant Neilson- Percussion
  • Emma Smith- Trombone
  • Drew Wallace- Bass Clarinet
  • Townes Markwalter- Trumpet
  • Micheal Seltzer- Baritone
  • Jaida Palacious-Trombone

The musicians that were selected were actually anonymous to the people at Marywood so they had no idea how talented the musicians were. The school band director Mr.Bullock did not conduct the concerts, actually, the band directors were there as moral support for their musicians. After they tried out they were put into a stage band, another band, or honors band. 

One person made it into the honors band from DV and it was Townes Markwalter.