Why ELA?


Mrs. Strattman 

Mrs. Strattman went to Delaware Valley High School. After high school, she went to West Chester University, where she got her bachelor’s degree and then got her master’s degree at Villanova University.

Mrs. Strattman says, “I didn’t pick what I was going to major in until senior year, and I really enjoyed British and American literature and talking about the stories. I never enjoyed creative writing that much, but I enjoy helping others write.”

One thing that she loves about English literature is that we can connect it to our lives. It teaches valuable skills and allows people to express themselves. 


Mr. Mady

Mr. Mady went to Delaware Valley. For college, he went to Bloomsburg University for his undergraduate and went to Wilkes University for his masters. 

He didn’t pick English; he picked Math, but ELA was the only job position that was available, and now he enjoys it.

He enjoys the relationships he builds with his students, the ability to give his students the opportunity to learn things they might not otherwise have learned, and lastly, laughing and having fun.


Ms. Wilkes

Ms. Wilkes went to Valley View High School, near the Scranton area. She went to college at East Stroudsburg University, where she got her undergraduate degree and is working for her master’s degree there currently.

Ms. Wilkes picked English because she always liked reading and writing. In third grade, she read Harry Potter for the first time, causing her to love reading. In college, she loved helping her fellow students with their papers and working as a tutor on the campus.

Some things that Ms. Wilkes loves about English are reading books and stories that help you escape the everyday realities. She loves helping students learn how to read and write and enjoys seeing the end product after helping a student. She likes teaching middle schoolers because they have a better understanding of literature and have their own opinions, so they can have their own discussions.


Ms. Ranner 

For high school, she went to Honesdale, and for college, she went to Bloomsburg University. 

She picked English education because she believes that English is something that requires communicating and includes skills that are needed for whatever you would like to be in the future.

Ms. Ranner loves having her students make jokes and make word plays, and she loves to teach writing. Lastly, she loves to recommend books for her students to inspire them.


Ms. Cabrera

 Mrs. Cabrera went to the Pocono Mountain West District High School, and she went to ESU for college. 

She decided to pick English since she always liked to read. She thinks there are a lot of good stories out there to talk about, and they prompt student discussion. Ms. Cabrera also thinks it is important to know how to write and communicate effectively when you write. 

The three things that she loves about English are that she loves reading what students have to say. She also likes that you can clearly get better at English. For example, she likes comparing how you wrote at the beginning of the year to the end and seeing your growth. Finally, she likes the discussions and fluid conversations that you are able to have about literature.