Wrestling Season


Mr. Penberthy is a wrestling coach for DV, and here he shares his thoughts on this season.

Mr. Penberthy said that “The season was a learning experience. It has been unique since most wrestlers are new to the sport this year. Usually, we have more experienced people, but we were successful by recruiting many new members.”

Mr. Penberthy proceeded to discuss the highs of the season. “The kids themselves were a lot of fun and receptive to everything we did.” He liked teaching new people the sport he’s been doing his whole life. The lows of the season consisted of people getting sick from covid. Mr. Penberthy said, “It was very challenging.”

One wrestler who Mr. Penberthy thought stood out this season was Micheal Seltzer. He is a 7th grader who stepped up this year and won many matches, and he was a hard worker.