Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

You may celebrate Valentine’s day, but do you know the history behind it? Valentine’s day originally celebrated the feast day of a Roman Catholic saint, Saint Valentine. During the life of Saint Valentine, there was an emperor, Claudius II, who created what people believed were unfair laws. One of the laws stated that only married men, women, or men that had families were an exception to being drafted from the war. On top of this, there was a new law also instituted that announced that men who were not married were not allowed to get married so that they could stay single and still get drafted. You may be wondering where Saint Valentine came into play. Saint Valentine was a priest who went against the Emperor’s rule and wed people secretly so they would not get drafted. He risked getting persecuted or killed if any authorities found out. On February 14th, sadly, Valentine was put to death because the Emperor found out about him secretly marrying people. This day is to remember and appreciate all of the things that Saint Valentine did for love. Over time, people started celebrating St. Valentine’s feast day less and less and started celebrating Valentine’s Day. In Victorian England, people started developing the tradition of gift-giving. Now, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide, with people of all different cultures and religions. We can all thank St. Valentine for this holiday!