Teacher Appreciation Week: Student Shout-Outs


Here are some of the great things students are saying about the DVMS staff!


  • Thank you to all of my teachers for helping me learn and making my time at this school extremely enjoyable.
  • Thanks for educating me! I appreciate all of your guys’ help with all the problems I have with any kind of schoolwork and answering all of the questions I have.


  • You are my favorite teacher you’re really chill and very swaggy.
  • You are very fun to be in class with and you make social studies more fun and easier.

Ms. Bruno:

  • Mrs. Bruno has helped me with a lot, like letting me eat lunch with her and letting me open up to her. She has made me feel way better about things and she has made me feel more confident. I know I can trust her and she will always listen to me.

Mr. Bullock

  • He is always motivated to help us and he always wants the best for the band entirely.
  • You are an awesome band teacher, and we are so lucky to have you. Thank you for believing in me.

Ms.  Cabrera:

  • She is really nice and is understanding. Whenever someone needs help at all with anything she will try her best to help you. She is a very good teacher and takes the time to do everything. Thank you.

Ms. Carter:

  • Mrs.Carter has been really helpful! she is always looking for a way to help!! she is very hardworking and is very committed! She is willing to work and help! She was really welcoming when I first moved here! She made sure I got the help I needed in my classes! I’m really glad I got Mrs. Carter as a teacher and case manager!! Anyone that gets Mrs. carter is very lucky!!

Ms. Dillinger:

  • Mrs. Dillinger helped me with a lot of stuff. She was always there for me. Mrs. Dillinger is really funny she makes us all laugh.

Ms. Donnelly:

  • Mrs. Donnelly you are kind and fun. I enjoy having you as my gym teacher.
  • Thank you for always laughing at my really bad jokes.

Mr. Feiss:

  • Thank you for never yelling at me and planning fun activities for phys. ed.
  • He is a great teacher and coach and makes his teams very fun.

Ms. Flack:

  • Thank you for giving me a time in the day where I can just have fun and let all of the stress from the day disappear. I don’t know what I would do without orchestra and my cello.

Ms. Gandolfo:

  • You inspire creativity in students to try to make art out of their normal skills. You are also a very high-spirited teacher at DVMS!

Ms. Gilhooley:

  • She is the kindest teacher I’ve ever met in my life. She’s my favorite teacher and will continue to be my favorite teacher.

Mr. Glasson:

  • Mr.Glasson you are a really nice teacher, science is always fun with you. You are my favorite science teacher. You’re really funny, and it always makes me happy that you always say good morning, you tell me to have a good day, and that always makes my day.

Ms. Gonzalez:

  • She is very nice, kind, and sweet. She always helps me when I need help with math problems, and I love having math class because she is my teacher. I enjoy talking to her about sports because she did a lot of the same sports I am doing now. She is the best teacher ever, and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

Mr. Horst:

  • Mr. Horst is hands down the best music teacher ever. Even if he doesn’t say it much I think he truly believes in all his students and their musical ability. I can sing better because of him too.

Mr. Jayne:

  • Thank you for always helping us accomplish our assignments and always making things fun. You are my favorite teacher ever. You are one of the best teachers I ever had thank you.

Mr. Mady:

  • I really appreciate Mr. Mady because he teaches us very well, but at the same time makes it fun. This encourages me to learn more. That is why I appreciate Mr. Mady.

Ms. Miller:

  • Frau Miller is the best German teacher. Because of her I really enjoy learning German and I look forward to going to her class every day. (She makes learning German really easy by the ways she explains it.)

Mr. Morley:

  • He always knows how to handle a classroom and make the lessons fun and unique.
  • Thank you for making class fun while learning. Thank you for being very patient and understanding with our class and when I don’t understand something.

Mr. Penberthy:

  • I appreciate him because he is a very fun, nice, and good teacher. He also makes class fun and interactive for everyone.
  • Mr.Penberthy is the best teacher I have ever had. He makes the classroom fun, is a great teacher and wrestling coach

Ms. Phipps:

  • You are a very nice fun and respectful teacher.
  • You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had! 🙂

Ms. Ranner:

  • I like the way you teach and make things fun. You are one of my favorite teachers and I always look forward to your class.
  • She is nice, cool, funny, and a good teacher.

Ms. Roth:

  • You are easy to talk to. You care about how I feel. You understand me a lot. Thank you.
  • She is another best teacher I had and I would say she is caring and kind.

Mr. Salus:

  • You’re a great teacher and you are very chill.
  • You are a kind respectful and trustworthy teacher.

Ms. Santucci:

  • She is a very nice teacher and will help you with anything you need help with.
  • Thank you for letting me complain to you all the time. You are the best.

Ms. A. Scott

  • Ms. Scott is a very nice teacher, she cares for her students and makes sure they are all up to date, and she teaches us very well. Mr. B has an amazing beard and he is a very good teacher and has an answer to every question.
  • I really enjoy science and her class in general. I find that she makes her teaching very interesting and she’s very funny. She’s just a really amazing teacher in general.

Ms. K. Scott

  • You are my favorite teacher and you are the best math teacher!
  • You are one of my favorite teachers and I think you are very kind. I think that you are very good at math and are very nice while teaching.

Ms. Alario:

  • I appreciate all that you do. You are hardworking and such a great teacher.
  • I’ll miss you!

Ms. Shedlauskas:

  • My message for Mrs. Shedlauskas is that I love seeing her every morning in the library and I appreciated her when she made me happier when I was at my lowest. I always feel happy around her.

Ms. Strattman

  • Hello Mrs.Strattman! 😀 You and your quick wit and sarcasm are one of the best parts of my day, and I always enjoy your class.
  • Mrs. Strattman always pushes students to try their best. She gives them second chances and helps them to do their best. She is humorous in class and makes her class a good environment to look forward to at the end of the day. She is an amazing teacher and knows how students feel about school and how they can become overwhelmed.

Mr. Sweeney:

  • Mr. Sweeney is the best teacher because he is lenient and is willing to try to help you find a solution to your problem. He is also willing to answer questions if you have any.
  • His class is fun/active and I really learn a lot from it. He has a good sense of humor and he has an even better attitude about the things he teaches. He points out ideas that make us think. He is the best teacher I ever had in Middle School and it will probably stay that way throughout High School.

Ms. Tigue:

  • Thank you for being such a great supporter from beginning to end I appreciate everything you do for me. I love how you always end up putting a smile on someone’s face, you are an amazing teacher and an amazing person in general. Thank you for this wonderful year and everything you’ve done for me!

Ms. Troast:

  • Thank you for helping me and everyone else when we did not understand something, and thanks for being a great teacher!
  • I appreciate how kind, understanding, hardworking, and welcoming you are. You are a great teacher and have helped me in so many ways. I am glad to have you as my teacher and only wish you the best.

Ms. Wilkes:

  • Mrs. Wilkes is really nice, and understanding. I also love her LED lights. I will really miss her next year.
  • She’s a really fun teacher. She always finds a way to make work and class better. Her class is definitely one of my favorites of all time. So happy to have had her as an ELA teacher.

Ms. Zube

  • Best Teacher I ever had.
  • I choose her because she has always been kind, and she always helped me with my work when I was behind.